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Next Production

SADC, one of the longest-established community drama groups in the country, stages three productions a year (March, June and November). We aim to cover the widest possible range of theatre: comedy and tragedy, classic and modern, light entertainment and challenging drama. While many of our productions include music, our range does not include standard musicals.

We strive to mount productions of the highest standard and most of our actors and backstage people are very talented and experienced. However, there is always room for newcomers, including those with little or no experience. What we ask for is enthusiasm and commitment and we will endeavour to discover the talent.

SADC is relatively large for a drama club; it currently has around 70 members of all ages and backgrounds. Although we do not claim to be a social club, we do have several social events throughout the year, which are publicised in our regular members' newsletter, TABS. SADC is a very friendly group and all are very welcome to take part in our activities.

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club, your leading local live theatre group.
SADC is a registered charity, number 259484