Animal Farm

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The Boy Jack Gillies
Mr. Jones Dick Bower
Old Major Rob Clark
Clover Jo Lumsden
Mollie Kirsty Downing
Cow Georgia Tait
Hens Grace Caffyn, Kirsty Downing, Hannah Sareen, Charlotte Trefusis
Young Pigs Sam Darling, Daniel Sareen
Boxer Bob Ferris
Snowball William Matthews
Squealer Helen Teasdale
Napoleon Ian Akhurst
Cat Rachel Nussbaum
Sheep Natalie Bennett, Tricia Foley, Chris Gibbons
Muriel Gerry Willis
Benjamin John Shepherd
Moses Dave Thompson
Minimus Stephen Bailey
Bodyguards Rob Clark, Dave Thompson
Mr. Whymper Russ Gregory
Mr. Pilkington Dave Thompson
Farmers Russ Gregory, David Page, the company

Production Team

Director Anne Page
Musical DirectorGuy Middlemiss
Stage Manager Andy Plumb
Lighting Anne Page, Graham Weymouth, Andy Plumb
Set ConstructionAndy Plumb, Dave Korman, the company
Properties Katy Frenkiel
Costumes The cast
Continuity Jean Telfer
Front of House Diana Calvert
Programme Dick Bower
Poster design Grant Shalks
Publicity Geoff Alldis, Margaret Hey

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