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Gary Johnson Edgar Lucas (the bride’s father)
Anne Gregory Rhoda Lucas (her mother)
Chris Simpson Jack Lucas (her brother)
Anne Ewart Irene Howes (her cousin)
Ian Radburn Arthur Broadbent (her great-uncle)
Andreas Wood Bernard Fuller (the groom)
Gerry Willis Lilian Howes (the bride’s aunt)
Penny Arnold Alice Fuller (the groom’s aunt)
Aoife ConnaughtonChristine Lucas/Fuller (the bride)
Ira Murray Edna Fuller (the groom’s mother)
Dave Thompson Frank Broadbent (the bride’s uncle)
Lettie Egan Margo Fuller (Lionel’s wife)
Noel Harris Lionel Fuller (the groom’s cousin)
Sean Perera Stan Dyson (Irene’s fiancé)
Margaret Hey May Beckett
Geoff Alldis Sergeant Major Tommy Lodge

Production Team

Director Lindsay Johnson
Stage manager Janet Harris
Lighting Anne Gregory, CCST staff
Sound Dave Korman
Properties Janet Harris
Continuity Jean Telfer
Costumes Ira Murray, Miller Centre
Front of house Diana Calvert
Poster & playbill designGrant Shalks
Programme Dick Bower
Publicity Geoff Alldis
Production photography Russ Gregory

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club is a registered charity, number 259484 and a Member of the Arts Council of The London Borough of Sutton