Murder in the Cathedral

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Chorus of women of CanterburyLesley Crowther-Smith, Carolyn Burton,
Fiona Bower, Claire Cullip
First priest David Page
Second priest Lois Donnelly
Third priest Simon Nicol
Messenger/Cameraman Ash Curry-Machado
Thomas Becket Charlie Crowther-Smith
First Tempter/Third Knight James O'Gorman
Second Tempter/Second Knight Ian Lambert
Third Tempter/First Knight Jon Harris
Fourth Tempter/Fourth Knight Dave Thompson

Production Team

Director David Page
Stage Manager Janet Harris
Technical Directors Dave Korman, Andy Plumb
Properties Janet Harris
Lighting & sound Dave Korman, Mike Morgan, Phil McKerracher
Costumes Dave Thompson, Miller Centre, St Mary's Church
& members of the cast
Continuity Will Harris
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