Joining SADC

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club is a local group, based in the Sutton area, and it has been active since 1902. The Club stages three main shows each year, in March, June and November, usually at the Charles Cryer Studio Theatre in Carshalton.

SADC has two tiers of membership, Full and Associate. Full Members are able to audition for roles and take a full active part in all of the Club’s activities. Associate Members are entitled to one free ticket to each of our three main productions and are also able to join in any social activities. They are not, however, able to audition or take an active part in one of our productions. Full membership is free to people under the age of 18 provided they are still in full-time education.

If you would like to join us, please complete and return the appropriate form, which you can download here (Full Membership) (Associate Membership), (Technical Membership), to the Hon Treasurer with your cheque, made payable to Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club. You will find the subscription rates detailed on the form. If you do not know any members of SADC, please do not worry about filling in the Proposer and Seconder section. In accordance with the Club Rules, applications have to be put to the Committee, which meets monthly; so acknowledgement of your application may take a few weeks.

Working behind the scenes

As well as the "public" face of SADC - the Actors - there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done
behind the scenes, particularly in the weeks before the show whilst the cast are rehearsing, to design, build and paint scenery and source props and furniture.

Staging a production starts as soon as the play has been selected. The director needs a set plan to block each scene during rehearsals.

In some cases plays have a set photo or suggested plan in the script, but in most cases this cannot be reproduced given the limitations of the theatres we use. So we design each set to match our theatre.

Our team liaises closely with the director to create the right atmosphere with props, music, sound effects, lighting and staging to produce the illusion that you are wherever the play is set. The back stage team plays an essential part in creating the theatrical experience.

Once the set has been built and painted by the backstage team, we are ready for the day of the "Get-in".

This is where we move into the theatre and erect the set in its final form, together with furniture and props. Lighting and effects are then set up and we are ready for the back stage team's first and only real rehearsal – “The Technical Rehearsal”.

During this technical rehearsal we check the lighting levels and try each lighting cue, sound effect
and music with the actors' performance, making any adjustment as necessary. The props are also tested to ensure they do what is required.

We are now ready, cast and crew, for the dress rehearsal and the weeks' run of performances.

Each night, the back stage team set props on the stage or supply them to the cast, change the set, run the lighting and sound from the control box and are very much part of the overall performance.

Set building and painting currently takes place at various times & places running up to a performance. Practical skills and experience is not requirement,but a willingness to join in and learn is and you will be welcomed.

If you, a friend or family member or someone you work with would like to contribute towards the forthcoming productions and get involved with the stagingthen please confact us at backstage [at] sadc [dot] co [dot] uk. We look forward to hearing from you.

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club, your leading local live theatre group.
SADC is a registered charity, number 259484