Les Miserables (The Play)


Javert Brian Aris
Marius Tom Carter
Fantine Jacky Cook
Mme Thenardier Clair Swan
Thenardier, Fauchelevent, Quink,
Beggar Gordon Round, Jean Valjean
Jon Harris
Paul, Enjolras, Barber, Gribier Isaac Murphy
Abbess, Sister Sulpice Ira Murray
Cosette Kirsty Smith
Toll Keeper, Woman in Tavern, Effie Bower
Old Woman Kimberley Alfred
Eponine Lucy Alfred
Chorus Clair Swan, Ira Murray, Kimberley Alfred, Lucy Alfred

Production Team

Director Lewis Wilmott
Technical Director Andy Plumb
Stage Manager Janet Harris
Properties Janet Harris
Set design Andy Plumb, Liz Plumb
Lighting Liz Plumb
Sound Dave Korman, Karen Burman
Costumes Kimberley Alfred, Miller Centre
Continuity Will Harris
Construction, painting and crew Andy Plumb, Liz Plumb, Dave Korman, Tony Meldon,
Peter Horlock, Karen Burman, David Page,
Ira Murray, Sylvia Beavis, Dick Bower,
Effie Bower, Geoff Alldis, Sam Atkinson & members of the cast

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