Relative Values

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Crestwell Charlie Crowther -Smith
Alice. Hannah Nicoll
Moxie. Jo Lumsden
Countess of MarshwoodPam Akhurst
Lady Cynthia Hayling Ira Murray
Peter. Lewis Willmot
Admiral HaylingJon Harris
Nigel. Tom Carter
Miranda Frayle Eleanor Pullen
Don Lucas. Ross Youngs

Production Team

Director. Will Harris
Technical Director.Andy Plumb
Stage Manager Janet Harris
Properties Janet harris
Set Design Andy Plumb and Liz Plumb
Set Constuction. Andy Plumb, Liz Plumb, Dave Korman and SADC Members
Lighting Andy Plumb
Sound Dave Korman
Wardrobe Kimberley Alfred
Continuity Penny Arnold

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club is a registered charity, number 259484 and a Member of the Arts Council of The London Borough of Sutton