Saturday, Sunday, Monday


Antonio Piscopo (Rosa’s father) Raymond Jones-Davies
Rosa Priore (mother of the family) Pam Akhurst
Peppino Priore (father of the family)Ian Akhurst
Roberto Priore (elder son) Simon Witchell
Maria Carolina Priore (his wife) Claire Warder
Rocco Priore (younger son) Lewis Wilmott
Giulianella Priore (daughter) Suzanne Schlaefli
Aunt Meme (Peppino’s sister) Jean Manning
Attilio (Meme’s son) Iain Fulton
Raffaele (Peppino’s brother) Geoff Alldis
Virginia (the maid) Penny Ayliffe
Federico (Giulianella’s fiancé) Michael Saunderson
Luigi Ianniello (the accountant) Norbert Johnson
Elena Ianniello (his wife) Patricia Foley
Catiello (the tailor) Rob Clark
Michele (Virginia’s brother) Michael Pelmet
Dr Cefercola (the Doctor) Robert Ryan

Production Team

Director Will Harris
Stage Manager Harry Perkins
Production Assistant Ira Murray
Lighting, Sound and Stage Crew Roly Adlam, David Gillespie, Ben Harris,
Margaret Hey, Dave Korman, Kim McColm
Set Design Will Harris, Harry Perkins
Set Construction Harry Perkins, Gary Clarke, Tim Murray
Properties Katy Frenkiel, Janet Harris

Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club is a registered charity, number 259484 and a Member of the Arts Council of The London Borough of Sutton