The Accrington Pals


Tom, an apprentice           Chris King
May, a stallholder           Julia Coleman
Arthur, Annie's husband      Russ Gregory
Reggie, Annie's son          Joseph Horlock
Ralph, a clerk               Jack Holland
Eva, a millgirl              Amy Peacock
Annie, a housewife           Jo Lumsden
Sarah, a married millworker  Lucy Davey
Bertha, a millgirl           Hannah Nicoll
CSM Rivers, a regular soldierDavid Hedges

Production Team

Directed by Ian Akhurst
Technical Director Andy Plumb
Stage Manager Janet Harris
Properties Janet Harris
Set design Andy Plumb, Liz Plumb
Lighting Liz Plumb
Sound Dave Korman
Costumes Harveys of Hove, Miller Centre
Continuity Will Harris
Construction, painting and crewAndy Plumb, Liz Plumb, Dave Korman, Tony Meldon, Peter Horlock,
Chris & Ivan Hunter-Johnson, Karen Burman, Abbie Francis, David Page, David Arnold, Ira Murray, Sylvia Beavis,
Pam Akhurst, John Shepherd, Ian Lambert & members of the cast

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