Good review from theatre critic

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Our recent production of “The Importance of Being Earnest” has been well received by our audiences and the theatre critic, Theo Spring.  Ms. Spring’s review commented that Osar Wild’s play is a challenging one for amateur groups to undertake and went on to give particular praise to the four young actors playing the lead roles, and one of our seasoned actors too:

“…..With witty commentary on the world of the upper classes, Wilde’s throw-away lines came naturally to Jamie Lumsden as Algy…… In good contrast, Sanj Krishnan’s John Worthing brought reality to his responsibilities to his ward, coming into his own in the garden scene….Their respective ladies defined their different characters well too. I so enjoyed Ella McDonnell’s ability to flirt with John from the moment she entered and her about-face from over-familiarity to frozen acquaintance, again in the garden, was achieved without seeming unusual. Turning back to bosom buddies with Cecily was smoothly accomplished too. An excellent characterisation. ……..The tea party in the garden was enhanced by the change Abigail Marais wrought, from the enthusiastic schoolgirl at her books (albeit reluctantly) to the lady of the house. The reading from her diary of her courtship with ‘Ernest’ had such a ring of truth about it, so here again, an admirable interpretation.…….The role of Miss Prism is not an easy one. She must be strict, schoolmarmish, fluttery, scared and finally repentant. Jo Lumsden had all of these in spades and is most certainly the best Miss Prism I have seen over many viewings of this charming play. “

The costumes were also praised:

“Lovely costumes and hats brought colour and variety to the scenes with Kimberley Alfred in charge.”

And the challenging sets designed by Andy & Liz Plumb (three very different scenes, which frequently discourage amateur groups from attempting this play) were described as an “ingenious solution” and the garden scene as “a triumph of its own with its realistic hedge and grand entrance pillars.”

And finally, Ms. Spring’s summary gave the well deserved praise for the mastermind behind it all:

“So good to see this great play in such good hands and congratulations to Director David Page for his courage in mounting it and his honed directorial skills which resulted in such a good production. “