SADC has three types of membership: Full, Associate and Production.

Full Members are able to audition for roles, direct, help back stage and take a full active part in all of the Club’s activities. Membership costs £40 per person for a full year. Full membership is free to people under the age of 18 provided they are still in full-time education. All members who are successful in being cast in a production will also be asked to pay a show subscription of £20 which will contributes towards the cost of the script (which you may keep) and costsumes.

Associate Members are entitled to one free ticket to each of our three main productions and are also able to join in any social activities. They are not, however, able to audition or direct. Membership costs £30 per person for a full year.

Production Members are able to take an active part in any part of the production except act or direct. They are also entitled to join in any social activities. To assist with the building of set, lighting or sound, those taking part must be over 18 years old. Membership costs £10 per person for a full year.

If you would like to know more before joining then please Contact Us. If you are ready to join us, then please complete and return the appropriate form, which you can download from the links below:

Send your completed form to the Treasurer at the address shown on the form, together with your cheque made payable to Sutton Amateur Dramatic Club. Alternatively you may pay by bank transfer by contacting the Treasurer for details.

If you do not know any members of SADC, please do not worry about filling in the Proposer and Seconder section. In accordance with the Club Rules, applications have to be put to the Main Committee, which meets monthly; so confirmation of your application may take a few weeks.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, then please: